Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best of Fischbowl- September 2007

After reading this blog post by Karl Fisch on Technologically Illiterate Teachers, I agree completely with his statements. During his post her refers to reading and writing as the skills needed in previous centuries and in today and future times he refers to technology as the most important skill to be successful. I can see the aspect that he is referring to because everything in our world is technology based. If you plan to be successful in years to come, you can't be technologically illiterate.

In today's times, many things are technological. For example, I am a student at the University of South Alabama and all of my classes are web-based. This means that I have to be technologically skilled in computer skills or I wont be successful in my classes. There are many other things that are based off of technology: paying bills, communication, banking, traffic lights, all restaurant orders, and many other things. Just like Karl said in his post, if we don't practice these skills and do these skills, how are we going to teach the kids. This is why I agree completely with Karl in saying that teachers can't be technologically illiterate, because if they are who is going to teach the young minds of the children?

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