Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fall 2008 Podcasts

The first podcast that I listened to was My Classes at South: How is technology used in them? I think this would have been a better podcast if they talked more fluently. The way they speak throughout the podcast makes it seem like they have a script sitting right in front of them. The students took turns talking, but you could tell they were waiting on each other to finish their sentences; instead of going with the flow. Although they had good points in their podcast, they sounded more like actors on a commercial. To make this podcast better they could have made it more as a conversation of them talking than every sentence being read off a piece of paper.

The second podcast that I listened to was Possibilities for Using Facebook in Educational Settings. The one thing that I didn't like about this podcast was that one person did all of the talking at one point and then the other one came in and talked strictly at that moment. I think one thing that they could have done to make it better would be to take turns talking, but not have it lined out that they come in at certain points. I believe that by mixing up the person talking, that your listeners would be more interested in the topic.

Now I am not an expert on podcasts, nor have I produced one yet. These comments and critiques are based on my personal opinion. I will soon be doing a podcast and then you can comment on how well I do. For the time being though, if you would like to listen to these two podcasts and many more from the 2008 Fall Semester please visit:

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