Sunday, February 1, 2009

Podcast Review

I enjoyed viewing all of these podcast because they all had important information that can help teachers in a wide variety of areas. While searching through iTunes for these podcast, I realized how helpful podcast can be. There are podcast on many different subjects that will be useful in the classroom. Below are a few of the podcast that I visited to help be with this post.

The first education podcast I listened to was Smartboard Lessons. At the beginning of this podcast, the podcasters were talking more about where they were and the weather, instead of the topic of the podcast. Once it started though, I had good points that can be used in the classroom. The second one I listened to was Kidcast. This site got straight to the topic which was good. I really thought how he was explaining how to integrate podcast into the classroom will be helpful to any teacher. The next site I visited was EdTechTalk, which was very interesting because it had many different people informing you on the topic. I liked it the most out of all the podcast because I got to hear the view of more than one person.

After I finished searching and listening to the education podcast, I then listened to the MacBreak Weekly 125. This podcast talks specifically about Macintosh systems. Some of the topics they talked about was iLife '09, Steve's health, laptops, you-tube hd, and a lot more topics. I enjoyed this podcast because it brings you up to date about electronic stuff. The nest podcast I listened to was This Week in Photography. During this podcast they were talking about being a photographer at the inauguration of President Obama. This was an interesting podcast because it kind of puts you there with them as these men were taking the photographs.

This is my first time listening to podcast. I really enjoyed being introduced to podcast because this is a way for someone to gather the perspective of others without a formal interview. I also find them interesting because even though some of the podcast have a number of people on them, they don't all necessarily have to be in the same place. If you have never viewed a podcast before, take my advice and listen to one.

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