Thursday, January 29, 2009

International School Blogs

Traill International School- Students
The first international school blog I found was titled The All New Traill Blog Campus Site. This blog was a site for the entire Traill International School, not just specific classes. This blog was created as a place for students and teachers to share their work and achievements. While visiting this blog you can find updates on sport activities, you-tube post, club information, podcast, post and download homework, and so much more. The Traill International School's main plan is to have a blog for each class that is offered in their curriculum. If you would like to visit the school blog and explore for yourself, please go to:

The second blog that I found was the Shu Ren International School Blog. This site provides parents, students, faculty, and visitors with information about the school in general, events going on, and so much more. ON the blog, it also provides you with a link to the original school website. This blog gives information about admissions, adult classes, after school programs, facilities, faculty, press coverage, programs, summer camps, staff, and uncategorizeShu Ren International Schoold stuff. Some of the posts are titled Join Us On Facebook, Winter After School Classes, Shu Ren Featured on Local Websites, and Open House This Week. If you would like to visit this blog, go to:

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