Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EDM 310 Reflections

I believe that all of the tools we used and learned about during this semester will one day be helpful to us either as an educator or in life in general. I think the main thing that I personally enjoyed were the podcasts. I believe that this assignment not only showed us how the podcast technology worked, but it also taught use how to communicate with our peers. This is something that I find that our society is lacking. I thought that the presentations were important because they were a good tool to use to help introduce ourselves to one another. I also liked the blogs because I never realized how many people in the world actually communicate using that technological tool. I never really knew about Google Docs until I took this course, but I find it interesting how there can be several collaborators writing on one document at one time and they don't have to be in the same facility. I think that this tool can be useful as a teacher, because it allows teachers from the same school share ideas for programs without having to meet for hours during the day. It allows everyone to work on their own schedule. I enjoyed playing around on Picasa because I like taking pictures, but I don't think that I will use this tool with my students as a teacher. This class has really opened up my eyes to technology and all of the different tools that are available, for free, that I may and can use in my future classroom. I believe one thing that I would have liked to learn is a form of grading system or tool that could be useful in my classroom. I think right now I am against Twitter because the fact that everytime I try to explore it the site is over compacitated and I never can do anything. Like my group said in our podcasts, I believe there are better tools that can be used for education other than social networks. Overall I have learned a lot from this class and a lot of those things I will take with me into my future classroom.

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