Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Podcasts Review

I have just recently listened to several podcasts from a set of podcasts that my EDM 310 class put together as an assignment. I listened to the following podcasts:

A Discussion of "Did You Know? Shift Happens"

Technology in the Classrooms at the University of South Alabama

ACCESS- Distance Learning in Alabama High Schools

Facebook: It's In Class! But Can It Be Useful in Class? Pros and Cons

The Economic Crisis and How It Affects Alabama Schools: An Interview with Dr. Harold Dodge

After listening to these podcasts, I found a few improvements for future podcasters. I want to start first by saying that all of the podcasts that I listened to provided me with excellent information and some new information. I know from experience that some of us don't have that natural ability to talk into a microphone, knowing that millions of people could one day listen to it. One of the main things that I found while listening was that there was always one main talker in the group. As Dr. Strange told us before we started the podcasts, make it conversational. That was one tip I found that would help improve future podcasts.

Another improvement I found was that we all really didn't know how much sound that microphone could pick up. Trust me I didn't. In a few of the podcasts, including my own, a listener could hear paper shifting and people whispering. I know that this is one thing that my group and I talked about before our podcast, but we still shifted the papers. I believe next time I decide to do podcasts, I will try to limit my notes to one page so that I don't have to move the papers around.

Th last thing that I would like to touch on is the fact that we have to remember that we aren't just talking to the Mobile area. Therefore when we give out information about places we need to go into detail to give our listeners a good set of mind where we are talking about. That can even go for when we talk about different websites. I remember Dr. Strange tell us that we need to explain what certain thing are before we discuss them, because who knows who our listeners are. They could be learning about the Internet in the way that we are learning about podcasts, by doing hands on activities.

These are the few improvements that I found that could be useful for future podcasts. I enjoyed listening to all of the podcasts and I hope to hear more. If you would like to listen to the podcasts please visit:

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