Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Positives and Negatives of Blogging, Related to Education

This is my first time experiencing blogging. I think that there are many positive and negative aspects to blogging that could be useful in the classrooms. I recently read all of the posts of one of my fellow classmates. After viewing her posts, I realized that there were key elements in some of my posts that I left out and maybe some important factors, to me, that she left out. I think that blogging is an innovative way to communicate with your students.

The following are some of the positives that I found about blogging, as related to education:
1. It connects all your students, even if the are not in the same classroom.
2. Students can learn from other students blogs, because one student may find something out from an assignment, that another student missed.
3. It excites students to learn, because they are dealing with technology.
4. It can produce so accountability and responsibility for students.

The main positive that I would like to talk more about is the fact that blogging can connect your students with others at any point of time. In our society today, many people have different schedules and never sit down to do work at the same time. Therefore, with blogging students can communicate with each other or their teacher on their own terms. I love the fact that we can write our own assignments when it is convenient for me. I think that it is also important for students to comment on each others work because two people can view an assignment differently, but both can be right. Those are a few of the positive aspects about blogging that I found.

The following are a few of the negatives I found about blogging, as related to education.
1. It disconnects a student from their peers and their teachers. (You lose the one on one relationship.
2. Some students may not have access to the internet or computers.
3. May cause students to do assignments late, because it is on the computer and not just handed in to a teacher.

The one negative that I believe that is very important in society is the one on one relationships you develop with other people. By creating a blog, a person may lose the relationship aspect of communication because you are not talking face to face. It is important to establish a good relationship with everyone of your students, as a teacher. If we only communicate through the internet, I have no idea if that student is really doing the work. If I don't know the student behind the work, how am I suppose to establish good relationship with that students. These are just a few of the negatives that come to my mind when thinking about blogging for educational purposes.

All in all, I believe that blogging is a good tool to use in a classroom. I strongly believe that it should not be the only form of assignments a student should have in the class.

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  1. Wow Kendra... you really put some thought into this. That was a very insightful post.

    I don't know if blogs encourage kids to do work late. Every blog has a timestamp that the teacher can go back and look at. If you post the blog late, you're busted!