Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sir Ken Robinson's Lecture

I found that this lecture was very interesting and gave the listeners a look into other people's lives. At the beginning of his lecture he states that people do their best when they are in their element. When he talks about being in your element he means the natural feel. What a person can do natural without any struggles. Sir Robinson states that he believes that it takes more than natural ability to do your best, it also takes a LOVE for the task. I agree with this statement to the fullest extent. The reason why I agree with this is because someone can be good at something but if they don't have the passion for what they do then they will never strive to do their best. This can happen in any situation. He also stated, "Being good at something doesn't mean that you should do it."

The second thing that really grabbed my attention about this lecture is the part about the young boy who inspired to be a fireman. Sir Robinson discuss that education is taking students away from their talents. In the book that he is discussing, he talks about a man who is now a fireman and how he struggled with teachers telling him that he would never aspire to make anything of himself. Our education system is now trying to motivate students to go to universities. As Sir Robinson states, not all people need to go to universities. The fireman that is talked about in his lecture, saved the life of that one teacher that told him that he could not aspire to be anything. At this point he had proven that teacher wrong. In today's society adults try to show a linear line of education and they don't plan for the children to go away from that line. In order for a child to be in their element we need to allow them to be creative and make their own choices.

Another thing about his lecture was human creativity. Sir Robinson states, "Creativity is as important as literacy." I agree with this because if students don't have creativity then they will never have a chance to create their whole dreams. Another thing that he said was, "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you will not come up with anything creative." What I believe he means by this is the fact that our children will never think outside of the box for the fear of being wrong. If we teach them that it is okay to be wrong then we will be teaching them how to be creative with their work. We should teach them how to succeed in their talents, rather than telling them to sit down and do this worksheet.

The next thing that Sir Robinson talks about is his definition of intelligence. He said that their are three things that make up the definition of intelligence. The first part is that intelligence is DIVERSE. The second part is that it is DYNAMIC. The third part is that intelligence is DISTINCT.

I truly agree with the points that Sir Ken Robinson makes throughout his lecture. While reflecting back on the education I received, I can see the points that he makes. I really enjoyed this information and will keep it in mind while teaching my own classroom full of young minds.

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