Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is a resource provided online to teachers, students, administrators, and parents in the state of Alabama. On this website you will find access to a number of topics helpful for everyone involved in the education field. ALEX provides access to lesson plans, state standards, and web links to connect you to other helpful information. The Alabama Learning Exchange also provides you with your own personal workplace and a search engine tool for easy access to information throughout the ALEX database. Also available on the site are links to information on professional learning and distance learning.

The Alabama Learning Exchange is a helpful online source for veteran and new educators. It is a reference for all educators to turn to if they need important information. I feel like I can go to this website to find accountable lesson plans and educating activities for my classroom. ALEX is a site that connects you to different subject matters and topics by just visiting this one site. Searching on the web can be time consuming and as educators, our time is valuable. By connecting to ALEX you can have a large amount of information on one site. I believe that this is a way to connect teachers and administrators throughout the state of Alabama and it is a good resource to access to. For anyone that would like to visit the Alabama Learning Exchange website you can go to: Anyone who is going into or is already participating in the education field will enjoy and appreciate this site. This is an effective tool for the state of Alabama's education department and is useful for many educators.

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