Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Fischbowl Video

After viewing the video from Fischbowl, I am not surprised but overwhelmed about how the technology has produced over the years. When I was in middle school, I never even had a cellphone, I used a computer maybe once a week, and myspace wasn't even a website. Although I have known that technology has increased over time, I had no idea to what extent it has been updated. I wasn't able to have a cellphone until I was sixteen and even at that age I still didn't use text messaging. In today's times you see an eight or ten year old with a cellphone, but that is where technology has led us.
In my houseold growing up, I didn't spend my time on the phone, computer, or playing gaming systems, I was enjoying the outdoors. I believe that within the last year I have used more technology than I did the other eighteen years of my life. Today it is uncommon for someone not to own a computer. It is hard to look back and see how I made it without google giving me all the answers, facebook connecting me to my friends, email that connects me with my teachers, and the internet in general. I believe that in the years to come, we will have transformed into a technological based world in all aspects of our lives. One question that comes to me is, what will my classroom be like when I start teaching? Will I be teaching via internet? Will there be no need for paper? Or will we be to the point where there is no such thing as an educator because will we be entirly depended on the world wide web?

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