Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Edutopia Podcasts

I recently visited the Edutopia website and listen and watched two different podcasts. These podcasts help teach students about hands on activities that will maximize their learning abilities. The first podcast that view was "A Night in the Global Village." This podcast consisted of a class taking a field trip and living in someone elses shoes, and I am not talking about a celebrity. The students were assigned to a group that would construct a family from impoverished parts of the world. Each group was given something that would help them make it through the night, but they didn't have everything they needed. In the end they would have to persuade the other groups to trade materials. At the end of their experience, they talked about the hard times that they faced and how people are faced with these troubles everyday of their life. This experience taught the students in a way that will stick with them throughout their life, instead of just reading it out of a book. If you would like to view this information you can visit: http://www.edutopia.org/night-global-village.

The second podcast that I listen and watched was called "The Edible Schoolyard." This showed students working out in the garden planting food and flowers, watering the garden, and any other things that a garden needs. While at first it may look like a gardening class, the teachers go into a great detail to incorporate science, social studies, and math. The students learn these things my doing hands on activities. One of the teachers in the podcast stated that they learn better because they have more to do with their learning process. If you would like to view this video, you can visit: http://www.edutopia.org/edible-schoolyard-video.

I think these podcasts will be helpful to me as an educator, because I can show these to my students and then I could incorporate some of the same ideas into my lesson plans. If you would like to visit the entire Edutopia website please visit: http://www.edutopia.org.

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