Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video Podcasts in the Classroom

I recently viewed a video podcast on iTunes from the WGBH Teacher's Domain group. After viewing this podcast I realized how useful they could be to teachers and their students in the classroom. They are very interesting and can capture your students attention. If you visit iTunes you can find many podcasts on a wide range of subjects. I believe there is a podcast that will match every subject in the education.

Another reason why I believe video podcasts could be useful in the classroom is because they are free to access. As everyone knows, educational funding is at a strict budget and many teachers have to dig into their own pockets for resources for the classroom. By having access to these free podcasts, teachers can still use videos as instruction, but at less expense for the school systems.

If you would like to view podcasts you can download iTunes at: www.itunes.com. After downloading iTunes, go to the iTunes store and click on podcasts. At this point you have an unlimited number of podcasts at your fingertips.

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