Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iTunes University

iTunes University (iTunes U) is a free educational approach of bringing technology into the classrooms. Although it is called iTunes University, it can be used for grade levels ranging from elementary school to college. Throughout the iTunes U store, teachers, administrators, students, and parents can download videos, audio, and many more informational tools to maximize the learning experience. iTunes U covers the entire curriculum and is not focused on one topic. It is a user friendly site and has an easy to use search engine. On the main page of the iTunes U store, you can find links to science, social science, history, language, mathematics, teaching and education, fine arts, and many more educational tools.

As an educator I could use iTunes University to download class lectures for my students to refer back to when studying for tests. I could also have students explore the site and have them find tools that are useful for the class discussions of the day. This is a great tool for classroom teachers because it provides a way for you to connect you class with the technological advances of the world. This is also a free site, so the school or the educator does not have to worry about having the funds to run it.

If you would like to setup an iTunes account, you can visit http://www.itunes.com.
For the introduction to iTunes University, you can visit http://www.apple.com/education/guidedtours/itunesu.html?cid=ITS-ITUMAIN080829-CN4X9.

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